The Cinema Misfits Podcast, Episode 0: Munsters/Adams Family Debate, Reviews, Patrick Swayze Remembered, and more!

con sign 2under-construction

Episode 0 is still under construction but open to the public.  Enjoy this initial offering, but watch your step and put on a hard hat.

Addams Familymunsters

At last, a podcast with the courage to ask the question, “Who would you rather go to Happy Hour with?  The Munsters or The Adams Family?  And before you ask, no, Spot can’t come along.  Only seeing eye dragons alowed.


6 ‘n 90

Da Man reviews 6 films in 90 seconds.

lauren usegordonRoger

Even when the Academy gets something right, they still manage to get it wrong.  How can honoring Lauren Bacall, Gordon Willis, and Roger Corman not be the right thing to do?  When it’s done the wrong way.


Reviews of Inglorious Basterds and 9.  Warning!  Spoilers Galore!


Patrick Swayze remembered.

con end

Thanks for listening!  We’ll be back in two weeks with another podcast.

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