Richard Herd: Islander Guest and More (audio interview)

Hollywood is filled with stars, but these stars come in different forms.  There are the stars who continuously burn strong and bright over the years and seldom disappoint (How ya’ doing, Meryl Streep?).  There are the ones who explode dynamically when they hit the scene, only to burn out, little by little, flickering only occasionally (How’s it hangin’, Matthew McConaughey?).  Finally, there are those stars who initially appear with great brilliance and promise, only to crash and burn and either fade away or hang on, only to be listed occasionally in one of those “Where Are They Now?” articles (I’m looking at you, Tatum O’Neal!).

I love good character actors…their light may be dimmed a bit by the Big Stars they support, but it burns, much like Polaris, the Northern Star, with smooth, dependable consistency.

And, since I love a good character actor, I’ve got a bit of a crush on our Islander guest, actor Richard Herd.  He’s been shinning brightly and consistently in films and on TV for decades, literally.  His credits, as listed on IMDB, are nothing short of astounding.

He’s been shinning brightly and consistently in film and on TV for decades.

He didn’t begin in Tinsel Town, however, but rather on the East Coast, where he worked in the theater.  I could tell you more, but I think the story is best related by Richard himself…here:

Richard’s abilities extend far beyond the big and small screen.  He writes poetry.  He paints pictures.

I trust our readers and listeners will enjoy hearing Richard’s picks for his deserted island DVDs.  In addition, I hope you will all take a moment to check out some of his other works…by following these links:

Valley Artists Guild, which hosts many of Richard’s paintings,

Vivia Gallery, another place to see Richard’s works,

and Richard’s own corner on the Internet, The Official Richard Herd Website.

Thank you, Richard, for allowing us to ship you off to our deserted island.  Enjoy your BBQ chicken!

Islander interview with Richard Herd, part one:″

Islander interview with Richard Herd, part two:″

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