Cinema Misfits Podcast: Bonus 83rd Academy Awards Episode (audio)″

For your listening pleasure, a special episode we hesitate to call “a bonus.”  But really, how bad can this year’s Academy Awards show be?   The 83rd time’s a charm, right?  If you missed the live telecast (or just happen to be a masochist), listen and decide for yourself.  Hey, our version has this going for it– it’s less than a third of the original running time.

3 thoughts on “Cinema Misfits Podcast: Bonus 83rd Academy Awards Episode (audio)

  1. Hey – where can I sign up for the ‘classy Cinema Misfits version’ of the OSCAR Telecast-? This one can use cuss words without being bleeped-!

    One of the secrets for making these outings barely more pleasant than placing pins in one’s eyes is watching them with, how shall I say it… star-struck folks-? They’re more willing to look past (I know it’s quite a feat) all the usual mis-steps in the basic idea of an awards show – of which the Oscars are at the top of the heap for THE WORST. (AMPAS should be proud of themselves). And if they weren’t so preoccupied with patting themselves on their collective backs already, I know they would. No matter what they try “different” each year, the results are always unpleasant at best and more often, jaw-dropping in the crassness and level of sheer boredom. And this year’s show was no exception; and the less said about the particulars – the better. You folks covered the “high points” – which in this case means LOW, just fine.

    One special tribute AMPAS hasn’t seen fit to broadcast -yet – is the one to ALL the “once great” but now on death’s-door: So quick-! run get a camera and film them one last time, bearing absolutely no resemblance to their once-great self. (Extra points if you can capture the moment from the star’s hospital bed). Maybe next year…

  2. Well, there WAS Kirk Douglas. I mean, we all love him and everything, and he showed a lot of courage that evening. But, let’s face it…there was a bit of a creepy “on death’s door” tinge to the whole thing.

    Of course, the show has had a crazy overblown vibe for years. And to think that we all complained about that! After this Sunday’s broadcast, I would have paid anything to get a little of the crazy overblown back. If ever a show needed garish production numbers, this was it.

    I think Jim said it best: This wasn’t a train wreck. The train didn’t even get on the tracks.

    • Sorry – Kirk was ambulatory, or ambulatory enough. It was only the unfortunate remains of his stroke that moved his presentation into the “creepy zone”. I was referring to an entire segment.

      Jim was clearly correct. What this show needed was – say it with me now: Telly Savalas & Issac Hayes. Then, the potential train wreck would have been in place. Evidently the ratings were “a bit off” which allowed all the usual excuses to fly. Such is life.

      P.S. I have three (or is it four-?) Telly albums for your listening “pleasure”…

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