Cinema Misfits Podcast, Episode 61: Headhunters, Atlas Shrugged Part 2, Argo, We Have a Pope, and Skyfall

6 ‘n 90! Da Man reviews six films in ninety seconds.

Headhunters.  There aren’t any shrunken heads in this film, but there is a slightly diminutive hero pursued by a large and formidable hunter.

Atlas Shrugged Part II: The Strike.  “The Strike” must refer to what the writer did when it came time to work on the screenplay.

Argo.  Of course it’s good.  Alan Arkin and John Goodman are in it!  Then again, there is Ben Affleck, but he more than makes up for any deficiencies in front of the camera with some pretty good directing behind it.

We Have a Pope.  Considering how ineptly the filmmakers handle this story, it’s difficult not to sum up the film with one sentence:  Forgive them, for they know not what they do.

Skyfall.  Sam Mendes’ take on James Bond shakes up the established formula a bit, but won’t stir up enough detractors to hurt it at the box office.

Thanks for listening!
Unknown - Cinema Misfits - Cinema Misfits
We’ll be back in two weeks.

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