Cinema Misfits Podcast: Bonus 85th Academy Awards Episode

85th Annual Academy Awards - ShowAnneseth 2Jennifer″

Spoiler alert:  Daniel Day-Lewis wins the Oscar for Best Actor.  Almost as shocking–the Misfits actually enjoy the Oscar telecast.  This show has something for every Misfit: crude humor for Da Man, singing and dancing for Nancy, Bond for Lou, and sock puppets for Jim.

2 thoughts on “Cinema Misfits Podcast: Bonus 85th Academy Awards Episode

  1. The four of you have to turn in your badges. You can no longer be card carrying members of the curmudgeon club. I couldn’t get past the opening monolgue of the Oscars (though it sounds like I missed a great rendition of the song Skyfall). To me Seth MacFarlane did not have one witty or clever joke. Like his cartoons all his jokes were based on 30+ year old pop culture landmarks and smug references to how edgy he is when the most edgy thing he did was talk about “boobs” and make fun of Chris Brown beating Rihanna (I don’t know how edgy that was since neither of them were present). But I guess that’s what happens when you hire the creator of one of the year’s dumber movies to host the Oscars. Maybe next year they can see if the creators of Barney or the Teletubbies are free to host it.

    • Completely by chance, the Academy Awards this year just happened to hit the Misfit sweet spot. The only Misfit really familiar with Set MacFarlane is Da Man, and since he’s a big fan, the show was just fine with him. Nancy loves her some musical theater, so when it turned out MacFarlane could sing and dance a bit, he won her over. Any show with a lot of Bond stuff in it is going to be OK with Lou, but throw in a Star Trek sketch with William Shatner, and you’ve pretty much won him over. As for me, after last year’s Night of the Living Dead hosting duties by Billy Crystal (and the even more abysmal Franco/Hathaway outing before that), just about anything was going to seem like a huge step in the right direction. Still, I have to admit, I did enjoy the show. Not to worry, though, I’m sure we’ll more than earn our curmudgeon badges back next year as we gripe and bellyache our way through the Oscar’s wrong-headed, never-ending, and almost Sisyphean effort to attract younger viewers.

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