Cinema Misfits Podcast, Episode 69: Olympus Has Fallen, Mud, and 42

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6 ‘n 90!  Da Man reviews six films in ninety seconds.

Olympus 2Olympus 4Olympus 3
Olympus Has Fallen.  Here’s a film in desperate need of screenwriting “Life Alert.”  Perhaps a better title would have been Olympus Has Fallen and It Can’t Get Up.

mud 2Mudmud3
Mud.  You can’t always judge a film by its poster–or its title.  Despite an ad campaign that seems designed to drive audiences away, Mud is probably one of the better films of the year.

42 Ricky4242 use
42.  This is the true story of Jackie Robinson, number 42, but unfortunately it “trickles through the thickets” and is “booted” by the filmmakers, who end up doing a “Barnum & Baily” on what should have been a great film.

Thanks for listening! We’ll be back in two weeks.
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2 thoughts on “Cinema Misfits Podcast, Episode 69: Olympus Has Fallen, Mud, and 42

  1. For Episode 69 I was expecting some more “adult” content. Olympus Has Fallen indeed had the feel of a Saturday Night Live skit. Amazing how they already have the sequel coming out three months later with White House Down. Couldn’t agree with you more about Mud. My favorite movie of the year so far. Here’s my review for it along with my second favorite movie of the year which I’m sure you’ll disagree with in the weeks ahead…

    • Enjoyed your take on Mud, and as for Iron Man 3, you might or might not be surprised by our take on it. But Iron Man will have to wait a few weeks, because next time around we do a Gatsby hat-trick and take on the three film versions of The Great Gatsby. To be perfectly honest, this one might be for hardcore F. Scott Fitzgerald fan only.

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