Cinema Misfits, Episode 71: Now You See Me, After Earth, and Man of Steel

Numbers StationDayCallOther Son40
6 ‘n 90!  Da Man reviews six films in ninety seconds.″

Now YouNow you 2Now You 3
Now You See Me.  The only thing the magicians in this movie make disappear is story logic.″

After 3After
After Earth.  It’s not as bad as The Last Airbender or Devil, but it’s definitely not as good as The Sixth Sense.  So where does that leave M. Night Shyamalan?  After After Earth, maybe without a career.″

SuperSuper 2Super 3
Man of Steel.  This latest reboot of the Superman franchise is a little light on the Clark Kent action but more than makes up for it with a heavy dose of Russel Crowe.  Still, a better title might have been Jor-el and Son.″

Thanks for listening! We’ll be back in two weeks.
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2 thoughts on “Cinema Misfits, Episode 71: Now You See Me, After Earth, and Man of Steel

  1. Of the multitude of reviews of the misfits I’ve listened to I think you guys were most on the mark with Man of Steel. No sense of fun, no humor, just a miserable viewing experience that took itself way too seriously for a movie about a guy who flies around in his underwear.

    • In a weird way, if Man of Steel was the worst film of the year, I’d be able to take a crazy kind of comfort in that. But it isn’t the worst–not by a long shot. Man of Steel actually starts to look a little better once you sit through something like The Lone Ranger.

      I have no idea what could be worse, but I think it’s out there somewhere, waiting to be released later in the year.

      Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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