Bonus Twofer Somali Pirates Episode: Captain Phillips and A Hijacking

Samali-iratesCaptain Phillips and A Hijacking are as different in execution as they are similar in subject matter.  Captain Phillips, although presented in a straightforward, almost documentary style, still embraces many of the Hollywood conventions in terms of character and structure.  A Hijacking, on the other hand, presents a more fragmented, dispassionate story, the moments of repressed fear and anger resulting in a steady, building, cumulative intensity, which is both involving and sometimes frustrating for a viewer.  The Misfits weigh the pros and cons of these two filmmaking approaches, and also ask the question, “Who is the captain?” and wonder, “Does anyone really want to be the captain?”

Thanks for listening! We’ll be back in three weeks.
Unknown - Cinema Misfits - Cinema Misfits
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