Cinema Misfits Podcast, Episode 90: X-Men: Days of Future Past, Maleficent, and Edge of Tomorrow

ep-90-6n906 ‘n 90!  Da Man reviews six films in ninety seconds.

X-days-of-futureX-Men: Days of Future Past. If you’ve been looking forward to seeing the Sentinels on the big screen—you might have to keep on looking.  Like every other X-Men movie, this one devolves into a predictable showdown with Magneto.

Maleficent. Forget about fantasy violence and frightening images, why doesn’t the MPAA warn audiences about gratuitous pixie action?

Edge of Tomorrow.  In his latest sci-fi epic, Tom Crusie has the ability to reset time, but since audiences seem to assume this film is Oblivion 2, it’s unlikely Edge of Tomorrow will be a career reset for Cruise.

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Cinema Misfits, Episode 70: Iron Man 3, Oblivion, and Star Trek Into Darkness

6 ‘n 90!  Da Man reviews six films in ninety seconds!″

iron 1iron 5Iron 7iron 2iron 6
Iron Man 3.  Although writer/director Shane Black turns in one of the better super hero movies in recent years, it is almost undone by a severe case of 3rd act elephantitis.″

Oblivion 3oblivion 2oblivion 4
Oblivion.  This film has any number of homages, or, if you’re less generous, rip-offs of better science fiction films in it, including 2001, Total Recall, and Planet of the Apes.  Unfortunately, what it doesn’t have is Stanely Kubrick, Paul Verhoven, or Rod Serling.  Oh yeah, it also features one of the worst 3rd acts to hit the big screen in a long time.″

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